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The Hem Fix

Hemfix Hemorrwedge Gel Freeze Pack

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Need to ice your hemorrhoids, but don't know how?

Icing hemorrhoids can be messy and awkward - who wants to fumble around with bags of ice, and end up with water spilled all over the sofa? For the longest time, a doctors' advice to 'ice your hemorrhoids' was well-meaning… but it just wasn't practical. Now HemorrWedge offers a quick, easy and comfortable solution - with instant hemorrhoid relief!

How to use the Hemfix Hemmorrwedge:

Simply sit for 10-20 minutes with this cooling gel pack on your Hemfix hemorrhoids and feel the swelling reduce in a surprisingly short amout of time. The Hemfix Hemorrwedge is the latest in hemorrhoid cold therapy: practical, reusable, and MUCH more comfortable than a regular ice pack.

Easy to clean, with hygienic storage case included

Easily clean the Hemfix Hemorrwedge by rinsing with warm soapy water - it is recommended that you clean and dry the Hemfix Hemorrwedge after each cooling session. For safe and hygienic storage, we have included a plastic case with a lid to keep your Hemfix Hemorrwedge in the freezer.

Twin pack includes two Hemfix Hemorrwedges

With this two-in-one pack you will receive two Hemfix Hemorrwedges - use one while the other cools in the freezer, or alternate them to always have a Hemfix Hemorrwedge ready for use.

Please note:

It is recommended that you use the Hemfix Hemorrwedge for a maximum of 20 minutes, and wait at least 30-60 minutes between cooling sessions. If your Hemfix Hemorrwedge is too cold coming straight from the freezer, you can run some lukewarm water over it to cool it down, or just let it sit in a room-temperature environment for a few minutes. At that point, it should have softened up a little and will be ready for use.